Excited to share my journey crafting visually captivating beer can designs for Dominion City Brewing Company in Ottawa. Tasked with reflecting the brewery's dedication to craft beer and Ottawa's vibrant culture, I aimed to resonate with their audience. In this case study, I'll detail my design process, challenges, and project success.

Research and

Explored Ottawa's landmarks, symbols, and natural beauty. Drew from local attractions like Byward Market and tulips for design inspiration. Analyzed Dominion City's can designs to understand their style and priorities.v


I iterated through multiple design iterations, refining concepts with colors, typography, and visuals based on feedback. After several rounds of revisions, two final designs emerged: the Byward Market Tribute, featuring a vibrant illustration of the bustling market, and Tulip Elegance, showcasing Ottawa's natural beauty with a stunning tulip motif.

Challenges: Throughout the design process, I encountered challenges in balancing creativity with brand consistency. It was essential to ensure that my designs not only captured the essence of Ottawa but also resonated with Dominion City Brewing's brand identity and target audience. Overcoming these challenges required careful consideration and iteration to strike the right balance.

The project's success was gauged by feedback from peers and instructors. Positive responses to the vibrant visuals and thematic elements indicated that the designs effectively captured Ottawa's spirit and resonated with viewers. In conclusion, designing can labels for Dominion City Brewing Company was a fulfilling and educational experience. Leveraging creativity, research skills, and design expertise, I developed visually captivating designs celebrating Ottawa's culture and natural beauty. This project not only showcased my design capabilities but also enhanced my understanding of branding and audience engagement in craft beer marketing.

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